The #1 online course for women who desire a 
so they can claim their Happy Even After! 

(without spending $1,000's in legal fees)

Educate & Empower Yourself

to make the best decisions for you and your children during and after divorce.

The #1 divorce-preparation course for women who are ready to view their divorce as an opportunity rather than let it control & destroy them.

You can experience a divorce without stress, drama, guilt, & thousands in legal fees.

Divorce Sucks!

(I won't sugar-coat it!)

Your marriage vows didn’t hold up.
You want different things.
You’ve become different people.
The passion flame went out a long time ago.

There's a million reasons why people get divorced.

And it can be a difficult decision to make… even when it is for the best.

It’s normal for so many concerns and doubts to fill your head: 
“Will I be able to pay the bills?”
“Will the kids be okay?”
“Will I be alone forever?”
“What will my friends and family think?”
“Is this what I really want?”

While everyone close to you is telling you something different:
“Take him for all he’s worth!”
“Haven’t you thought about what’s best for the kids?”
“You need a lawyer.”
(Not to mention your girlfriend's story of what a complete mess her divorce was! )

Leaving you stressed, overwhelmed, lacking confidence, and feeling guilty and sad... when all you really want is to know that you and your kids are going to be okay.

Hi, I'm Renee.

As an award-winning divorce attorney and 2x divorcee, I’m here to tell you that you can do so much more than survive divorce.

You can absolutely thrive after divorce.
Your kids can, too.

Most people have a terribly negative perception of divorce - the idea that it must be a tangled web of legal battles, hurt feelings, angry children, and thousands of dollars in legal fees.

But the truth is, it shouldn’t (and doesn’t have to) be this way.

You get to choose your divorce path.
You get to choose how you will feel throughout it.
You get to choose whether you are educated and empowered about your options.
You get to claim your Happy Even After.

Let's change the way you're thinking & feeling about divorce - for good.

“Renee, just wanted to let you know I had a chance to go through your course. You are brilliant. So much good information in there.”


The first thing you must do (even though it may feel hard) is to change your thought process you're experiencing about divorce so you can proactively start planning out your divorce path and goals.

Look, I know it’s hard.
I know it feels like your life is falling apart.
I know there is fear that things will never “be normal” or “whole” again.

But hear me out - this is just a moment in your life.
A plot twist you weren’t expecting…
AND, it’s a chance to rewrite your story.

As a divorce attorney, there’s a reason I’ve seen some women barely survive their divorce, while others thrive at the end of theirs…

One gets stuck in court, spending thousands of dollars on conflict and has a judge tell them what their life will look like

While the other walks away happy and free - ready for their new beginning and Happy Even After.

What’s the difference between the two?

The women who struggle are the ones who lack planning, confidence, and direction on how to achieve the outcomes they want.

The women who thrive are the ones who choose to educate and empower themselves about how to plan for and feel about their divorce.

Education, planning, & empowerment leads to:  

Confidence. Freedom. Happiness. 
Knowing that you are going to be *more than* okay. 

Here's the Truth -

99% of women have no clue where to start when they decide to pursue or learn that they will be going through a divorce.

FACT: You don't need to immediately hire a lawyer.

What you need to do first is get organized and educated: 
-Start by understanding you have a choice over process.
-Start gathering documents you will need.
-Start thinking about setting goals.
-Start understanding reasonable expectations.

You can work through these topics with a lawyer for a fee of $250-$500 per hour… usually totaling a couple of thousand dollars even before other legal and court fees


you can educate, plan, make decisions, and empower yourself inside the d course.

welcome to

The #1 self-paced, online course teaching women how to plan for and create a no-fuss, stress-free divorce 
(and reducing the likelihood of a high conflict, high cost, emotional divorce.)

Understand your goals, create a plan, and unleash an unstoppable mindset to confidently navigate your divorce & start living HAPPY EVEN AFTER. 

Pillar One

Your Divorce Mindset


Pillar Two

Setting the Stage for Success


Pillar Three

The Property Primer


Pillar Four

Money Matters


Pillar Five

Life After Divorce

•Lesson One: MOVING ON
Lesson Two: RENEWify YOUR LIFE

Pillar Six

Co-Parenting in the Chaos

•Lesson One: CO-PARENTING 101

Supplemental Materials:

•The Roadmap To Renewal Workbook ($25 value)
•The RENEWify Journal ($20 value)
•Parent Co-Pilot Guide ($25 value)
•Percy's Imperfectly Perfect Family (a children's book) ($25 value)

Only $97!

+FREE BONSES! (when you buy now!)

•FREE BONUS: Holiday Planning Guide ($20 value)
•FREE BONUS: How to Hire a Lawyer ($15 value)
The d course is the smartest and quickest way for women to set goals and create a plan for divorce that they feel secure and confident in.
Having served thousands of divorcees and as a divorcee myself, I understand first-hand the complicated nature of divorce. After witnessing so many other women settling their divorce based on a judge's orders rather than advocating for what they really want, they're left feeling helpless, defeated, and stressed, which is why I decided to create a solution.

The d course is the #1 and only online, self-paced course on the market for women to comprehensively prepare for their divorce - legally, financially, and emotionally. 

Women who enroll in the d course are 100% more likely to save money, time, and energy throughout divorce and have higher levels of confidence and happiness after divorce.

The self-paced pillars, video trainings, ebooks, workbooks and guides inside the d course - combined with virtual access to me via a private Facebook community - will help to ensure that you are properly prepared and feeling confident about your divorce path and life after divorce.
If you have NO IDEA where to start with your divorce journey, the d course will save you $1,000's of dollars!

"If you are going through a divorce and don’t know which way to turn, look to the d·course where you will start your journey of healing and recovery.”


So, You Have A Choice To Make...

Option 1

Spend $300 - $500+ per hour for a lawyer to walk you through your options and process (with little to no emotional or mindset training)

Option 2

Invest $97 in the d course so you can achieve true confidence in your divorce plan and ignite your Happy Even After.

Renee expertly guided me through my divorce and made the process as smooth as possible. Renee is a strategic thinker who offers practical and helpful advice and solutions.


Renee’s knowledge, endless patience, as well as confidence, kindness and sympathy all made me feel as if I was taking the first step to a positive change in my life.


Renee is not only knowledgeable in family law but she personally cares about people and how they are impacted by the legal system. She is smart and compassionate. Thank you, Renee for everything!


I cannot speak highly enough of Renee. She expertly guided me through the divorce process, explaining its complexities with respect and compassion.


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