This is just a moment in your life.

But what if your divorce was an opportunity to write a new chapter?

This is just a moment in your life.

But what if your divorce was an opportunity to write a new chapter?

I know you feel like your world is crumbling down right now.

You're worried about your children, money, and where you will live. It can be overwhelming. It can be paralyzing. ...but this doesn't mean the end. Instead, it can be a new beginning. This can be the start of the next chapter in your life, one that is brighter and happier than you ever imagined. 

I created this FREE Video Course: First Steps To Freedom to help you do the next thing that moves you forward. 

Learn about which process is right for you. Learn what you should be doing RIGHT now to get organized. Start to shift your mindset. Learn what it means to RENEWify your life. 

*P.S. If you sign up, make sure you watch the videos. It won't help you if it just sits in your in-box. 

P.S.S. You can't quick fix your feelings. Let yourself feel all of the things. It's the only way to heal.

Looking For Direction?

Have things been not so great in your marriage and you are unsure whether to stay or go? Maybe you tried marriage counseling and it just didn’t work. Maybe your spouse told you they want a divorce and you don't know what you should do first. Maybe everyone is telling you what you should be doing and you are confused. 
If you are one of these people, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

There isn’t any shame in wanting to be happy. Being happy and at peace isn't a privilege reserved only for the lucky ones. 

Ending a marriage is an extremely difficult decision and is one of the most stressful life experiences that you can go through....but it's also just a blip in your life. It's just a moment, and while it may seem like you will never come out the other end, there is a HAPPY EVEN AFTER. 

Educating yourself about divorce can make all the difference in how smooth the process goes.

And that is exactly why I created this mini free video course. It's meant to get you to start thinking about your first steps. I offer some practical considerations, but I also challenge you to start thinking about shifting your mindset which so important in the divorce process. 

While you might feel confused and stuck right now, a divorce does not need to define who you are. It's just a moment. 

You can come out the other side thriving. Let's get started. 

When you are contemplating or going through a divorce,
there are many decisions to be made, such as:

  • Process
  • Finances
  • Custody
  • ​Parenting Schedules
  • ​Co-parenting
  • Division of Assets
  • ​Property
  • ​Support
  • ​Selecting an Attorney
Where do you even begin? What do you do first? 

Hi! I’m Renee Bauer.

Let Me Walk You Through The Journey To Your Happy Even After.

Award-Winning Divorce Attorney. Published Author. Founder of Bauer Law Group. Podcast Host. Creator of the d•course

“I’ve spent almost 2 decades as a divorce attorney, and in that time I’ve helped hundreds of people transition successfully to life after divorce. But, not only do I live in this space professionally, but I also have been divorced and I intimately know what co-parenting looks and feels like. Every emotion you are feeling right now…at some point or other, I’ve felt it too.⁣”
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